Urban Art NOW dedication

From Amsterdam to the world 


Since 10 years, we are responsible for some of the biggest Urban Art, Street-Art and Graffiti events in Amsterdam.

In 2020 we expanded to Berlin and New York City to work on client's projects for international brands and institutions. 

We organise festivals & exhibitions, artist-in-residency programmes community art projects and do client work.

👉 Our events: Urban Art Festival Amsterdam, Kosmopolite Art Tour, Urban Art EFX, Urban Art Academy

👉 Co-production: Wynwood Mural Fest Miami & Basel House Miami (2017) 

👉 Support: Creative Europe, Erasmus+, Amsterdam Art Fund (AfK), VSB Fund, Mondrian Fund, Dutch Culture USA, Prins Bernhard Culture Fund, Fonds voor Cultuur Participatie,...

Urban Art Now
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