About Us

We are a Non-Profit Organisation from Amsterdam

Urban Art NOW is registered as a non-profit organisation and foundation in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. We organise festivals, exhibitions,
artist-in-residency, entertainment events and social activities in the cultural and artistic sector at a local, national and international level.



Urban Art NOW is committed to provide the necessary resources to empower artists to bringĀ  their work to the next level regarding creativity and innovation.

The foundation creates through its events important spaces and the necessary tools for networking and sustainable communication, among the participating artists in Amsterdam, at the European level as well as internationally.

Urban Art NOW created a comprehensive international network of artists and organizations of the urban- and contemporary art scene.

We support new forms of artistic expression as well as encourage exchanges that evolve into positive artistic interventions, dynamic European-wide cultural networks and future cultural eventsĀ  across national borders to provide a milestone into the cultural development of a city or specific scene in the context of urban art.


The Foundation has a strong focus on:

  • promoting and actively supporting the creative collaboration and inter-cultural exchange of artists,

  • discovering and supporting the development of up and coming talented artists,

  • increasing public interest in urban and contemporary art forms through our social, cultural and art events.

European Dimension

Urban Art NOW works in the cultural and artistic sector at local, national and European Union level.

The organisation believes that culture and art engages and inspires people to transcend their own boundaries.

The connecting power of culture is essential for creating open, inclusive and democratic societies, and as such it is of great value for the creation and sustainability of cohesive Europe.

By connecting people, promoting mutual understanding, advocating intercultural learning, highlighting cultural diversity, the organisation supports a sense of European citizenship.

Urban Art NOW serves as hub and empowerment tool for artists, organizations and foundations, who are interested in cross-cultural and international exchanges.